Everyday Math Info
     This year your child will be using the Kindergarten Everyday Mathematics program.  This program is based on research and experience that shows that young children are capable of far more mathematics learning in kindergarten than was previously believed possible as long as the content is presented and explored in ways appropriate for kindergarteners.

     Mathematics learning used to be done mostly by rote, with much memorizing.  Children learned to add and subtract; then multiply and divide.   Mathematics includes much more than this.  Research has shown that young children often have difficulty with written and symbolic mathematics if it is emphasized too early - before a strong foundation based on experience and understanding has been built.

   Your child will be involved with many playful mathematics activities, including counting, numeration, measurement, geometry, patterns, data collecting, and calculator use.  Classroom routines such as keeping track of school days, monitoring and graphing the weather and temperature, counting the times it takes to clean-up, and charting the daily schedules all give children real life opportunities to develop and refine a variety of mathematics skills and become "math thinkers."

     Our classroom math program is designed to be useful, enjoyable, varied, and meaningful, so that a strong foundation is formed.  Just as we know that telling stories and reading books to children helps foster a love for reading, in the same way, your support of mathematics learning will help your child develop lasting confidence and competence in math!!